Quelimane organizations urge young people to entrepreneurship

The Platform Citizens of Mozambique, in partnership with the Quelimane Youth District Council (CDJQ), held a round-table talks on 24 July to reflect on the problem of youth unemployment and entrepreneurship with the theme “Employee or Entrepreneur: What do you prefer?”

The meeting, which was attended by more than 30 young students and entrepreneurs, was attended by the Director of the Environmental Development Program (PRODEA), Estevão Neves, Executive Director of the Mozambican Citizens Platform, Rogério Marques Júnior, and moderated by the President of the CDJQ, Chandinho Siquera Mizé.

Estevão Neves, Director of PRODEA, encouraged, through its history of overcoming, young people present to bet on entrepreneurship as a way to fight against unemployment.

“When we undertake, we contribute to poverty alleviation in Mozambique. When we undertake, we create the conditions to employ more young people like ourselves. Entrepreneurship must be our ambition and focus”, he said.

In turn, Rogério Marques Júnior, said that the Mozambican government has been offering an education to young people that fits the needs of the labor market, however, illiteracy and unemployment rates continue to be high in Mozambique, which is aggravated, according to Rogério, by the exponential growth of the population.

“We were 18 million in 2000, the illiteracy rate was 56% and the unemployment rate was 38%. Today, in 2018, we are over 29 million, the illiteracy rate is 48% and unemployment is 24%” explained the speaker and then urged the young people to start thinking “outside of the box” because the state will never have the capacity to employ everyone.

Given the relevance and impact generated by the debate, the Citizens of Mozambique Platform and the Quelimane District Youth Council will continue to promote the cycle of debates that will reflect on the issues affecting young people in Quelimane City. It is hoped that this series of discussions will enable young people to develop skills needed to meet the daily challenges they face.

The  Platform Citizens of Mozambique is a network of activists dedicated to ensuring that citizens have the right to information and information, as well as influence the course of political decisions. CDJQ is a platform representing all youth organizations and associations in the district of Quelimane and is a valid interlocutor among young people, the State, the Private Sector and Non-Governmental Organizations.

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